here is a helpful tool for those of you that play WoT. it colorizes tanks T5 and up with color coded hitboxes. i just used it and it really helps to know where the crits are.

it is not a cheat, so no worries there. it is just a "skin" someone developed. some of the crit hitboxes i already knew, like the tracks and the gas tanks, but commander and driver positions, weak points in the armor, all very helpful to now know.

it is pretty useless at long range, and at medium a bit better, but your rate of fire goes down if you start spending time "aiming" your shots, but when you are brawling another tank, HOLY SHIT!! i took down a american m6 heavy (T6) with a pz III/IV 1st i tracked him, then destroyed the turret, then moved in behind and blew away at his gas tank.

anyways, if you need help installing, just ask. d/l was 107mb, took me 30 minutes due to bandwidth restraints, jackasses think i am going to buy a premium account just to d/l???? screw you!! lmao